Hi, and thanks for taking the trouble to explore my new site. I'm David Win and am hugely fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful corners of mainland Scotland. As General Manager of Eilean Donan Castle, I have the great privilege to care for one of Scotland's most iconic and alluring historic sites, which also affords me the opportunity to capture her majesty and her moods in all weathers, through all seasons and at different times of day or night.

Landscape photography has been a personal passion for more years than I care to remember, but it's only fairly recently that I've felt encouraged enough with the final results to share these images with the outside world.

So here I stand, taking my first tentative steps into the big bad world where anyone with a digital camera is a potential critic. In some ways, this website is perhaps an extension of the fun I've had with the Eilean Donan Facebook page, which I've ran for the last few years and where I've met some fabulous folk. I readily "own" the fact that I've become a tad obsessed with the castle, and know of no other tog that takes quite as many images of the place as I do.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, and many thanks for taking the time to have a look. Please return as often as you like as I'll be updating the site with new images regularly.


best regards