The north west highlands of Scotland has always stirred a wide range of emotions in every person that's visited them, and Eilean Donan stirs way more than her fair share.

It's beauty is without question, it's locale simply serene, and it's reputation as the most-photographed castle in the land well-cemented. So to create a photography website that focusses primarily on the very walls that have been shot so many millions of times could perhaps be regarded by most, as somewhat fool-hardy. And yet it's those very walls that evoke my obsession to shoot her ever-changing moods. The vast majority of visitors and tourists who capture that treasured memory or precious moment in time rightly delight in their end results, but if the walls could talk, what tales would they really tell?


I've known her casually for over thirty years; and intimately for the last nine, and even in that relative blink of an eye, I've come to appreciate that there's much more to her than simply her looks.


She means so much to so many, that there are simply insufficient words to cover either the topic or the range of emotions she raises. For some, it's that charming sense of wonderment as they emerge from the bends in the road on the shores of Loch Duich. For others it might be the cherished memories and joys of betrothals, Christenings or proposals in her halls. Moments of reflection are commonplace as people dwell awhile to drink in the views or to dry the tears of sorrow for loved ones past and scattered to the winds that surround the island. For hundreds of others it's been their place of work, and for a lucky few, home.......

So perhaps the root of my obsession lies in trying to capture those shots that might just mirror at least some of those emotions. No doubt I'll die trying! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site, and please return as I'll be updating the page with new images.


Thanks for your interest.